Tips for effective handling many Google ads accounts

Every SEM manager knows that advertising management often requires many Google Ads accounts.

Quite often, similar tasks are performed on many accounts. It turns out that SEM specialists often perform similar operations, each in their own account. Since you can create ads on so many Google Ads accounts at once, you will be able to save time for your employees. In our next article, we'll explain how this can be done.

How It Happens

You have launched a new product line for your brand. You want to advertise each item in 20 countries, and accordingly translate them into 20 languages.

Most Frequent Solution

Every SEM manager working with Google Ads accounts receives a list of new products for advertising and creates ads on his Google Ads account. The longer the list of new products is, the more ads the SEM manager needs to create. This would increase the workload of each employee by exactly n hours in accordance with his working speed.

Our Solution

Even though accounts are different, in necessary cases, we suggest that placement of ads should be centralized for all accounts. For this task, we use ad templates.
The template is a pre-formed ad, with empty fields where key information about the product is to be entered. You only need to fill in the necessary information about the product.

Imagine: you fill in the necessary information about the product in the pre-generated template, the system duplicates the information entered in the translated copies of the template into the necessary languages. Using Google Ads API, our system automatically creates ads on all selected accounts.

How do you see this solution? Imagine that your SEM manager will not have to place ads for new products, but that with well-designed templates in the necessary languages, the task can be executed automatically. You will be able to save some new time resources for your employees, which can be easily converted into cash for your company, because employees will now have time to implement other tasks.

The principle of using templates can be applied when working with remaining stock.

How It Happens

A new collection of your product has not been sold almost everywhere in 10 positions. You decide to offer a 30% discount for this product.

Most Frequent Solution

Every specialist working with Google Ads accounts creates discount ads on their account.

Our Solution

Actions according to the above plan as in the case with the new collection. But you need to use a thoroughly-thought-out discount template for your ad... You can take the path of least resistance: in each existing template, you simply add information indicating that the product is currently on a discount. Alternatively, the Adcubex team will always be happy to help you develop your unique templates for future ads. This approach would enable you save even n working hours for your managers and, accordingly, save your advertising budget.

In turn, filling in templates can be optimized by cataloging your products... Then, with the correct integration of the product catalog with the template, creating templates becomes a matter of pressing a couple of buttons. We will tell you about how to use cataloging correctly in our next article.

Sometimes, automating the simplest ad management operations carries significant benefits. It is not always possible to do this on ready-to-use pay-per-click platforms; here lie the great advantages of custom solutions for your business. Would you like to know more about how we do it? Contact us.

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