Obvious benefits of social media & ad platforms integration

Today, Google Ads is not the only platform where you can advertise your goods and services. Nowadays, advertisers are expanding their advertising activity to other platforms or social media, which today are a source of wider audience.

Each platform or social media site has its own process of creating and running an advertising campaign, its own unique interface, and its own ins and outs. In this regard, your employee would have to learn and understand the processes of creating and managing advertising on new sites, their features, and interface capabilities. It can take a lot of time to study all these features because an employee must not only understand how new systems work, but also repeat the process of creating and placing ads.

Moreover, advertising platforms are constantly changing and improving, new features and capabilities are being deployed, the appearance is being modernized, and the interface is becoming more sophisticated. To be able to use new features skillfully, you need to not only track these changes promptly, but also study their real-world application. All this requires the specialist to sacrifice his or her main resource for today - time. Any unsuccessful attempts to work with ads can cause the company to suffer unexpected financial loss.

On average, it takes 20 minutes to create the first ad on Instagram, and this excludes the time spent learning how the system works.

So, what if you are to create 1000 ad campaigns?

The more you need to generate ads, the more time it will take to create them in new advertising systems, even if you already have work experience with such platforms.

You can now automate ad creation - not only within one advertising platform. Adcubex will help you run one or more ads on several advertising platforms at once, and all this within a single unified interface, with its user settings (targeting, audience, etc.). You create an ad and with one click run it on all advertising platforms. The time saved will be directly proportional to the number of integrated platforms under 1 UI.

Time saving

Each advertising platform offers different functionality and features. The more platforms you have, the more time is needed to study the interface and create ad campaigns and groups. With a unified system, customized individually for the needs of the company, you will be able to both save time and generate income from it.

Result Monitoring

Creation of reports through various promotion channels is a time-consuming process. Moreover, while the company's marketing manager is busy compiling analytics data into one table for analysis, competitors are already selling their new products. The integrated system can be configured to receive statistics and generate reports with the results of all ad campaigns online.

Quick Change in Strategy

Even a well-planned ad campaign is not always effective. The results and activity of campaigns can also be tracked while sitting on the monitor, or you can provide it to the system with a single UI for all platforms, which will react in time to changes in click activity or audience movement, and provide an instant report for further forecasting. Setting up this functionality will save you money or redirect the money to effective campaigns.

Once you invest in creating a unified system that combines all the necessary ad platforms with a customized interface and functionality, you will be able to save not only your advertising budget but also the resources and time of your marketing and advertising staff. These saved resources would have been spent on learning new promotion channels, collecting and analyzing advertising data.

Sometimes, automating the simplest ad management operations carries significant benefits. It is not always possible to do this on ready-to-use pay-per-click platforms; here lie the great advantages of custom solutions for your business. Would you like to know more about how we do it? Contact us.

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