Event-marketing 2.0: is it rainy out there? It's time to advertise umbrellas

We all know what event-marketing means. Right? It's a range of events one artificially and intentionally creates to attract potential customers' attention to the brand or/and to the product.

ADCubex expands the notion of 'an event' in marketing. Now it could be literally anything which instantly happens out there for no particular reason, and still, somehow helps to skyrocket your sales! We know how to connect with data from outer sources and advertise your product only when it's one hundred percent relevant.

This mechanism works as part of an automatic creation and start of contextual ads. Inside our own system (campaign manager), we build a certain subsystem which tracks the events of a specific service.

Use cases

For example, a weather forecast service. If it shows rain is expected, we raise the stakes for umbrella or taxi service ads to make them get into the top of the search requests and integrate these ads into other platforms, which customers are likely to use: social networks, apps, messengers. And, vice versa, if the weather is predicted to be sunny then SPF cosmetics comes on the stage.

When Statistics and Census reveals an increase in the birth rate in some regions, it's natural to advertise goods for toddlers there because that's what will be searched for more often.

This function can also be attached to the calendar. When Christmas is coming, the ads of decorations or everything, considered to be a good present, need to be launched.

If you are concerned about clearing out your warehouses, then right after or just before the new model of a product comes out, the ads for the old one at a discount will appear.

The logic of event-based advertising can be more complicated if your business somehow depends on the stock market.

So the concept is pretty clear. You just need to come up with the idea of what the sales of your product depend on.

Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not...

The service, which we get the data from, can either be ready-made, or we can create it from scratch by ourselves. We look for particular information in different sources and build our own service on its basis.

So "whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not..." we can take advantage of anything. Did we just say 'we'? No, that's YOU!

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