Automatic start of contextual ADS: when time is more than money...

Time is money, - Benjamin Franklin once claimed. Being the progenitor of time-management as well as the person immortalised on a one-hundred-dollar bill, he clearly knew what he was talking about. But the saying which was so relatable two hundred years ago, is desperately outdated in the twenty first century.

Time is more than money. In today's tough marketplace lagging a week (or even less) behind your competitors means not only losing money but also putting your business at risk.

Have you ever measured how much time you spend on your AD setup? Let's say, you have to post 100 advertisements. Generating them manually takes about 10 minutes each. Multiply that by a hundred and, here we go: 2 work days, which need to be spent!

Why not to speed this up?

Due to the automatic start function you'll be able to launch your advertising campaigns in literally one click.

That's how it works. On one side of the process, there are some external sources, which contain all the necessary information to create advertisements, and on the other - there are advertising platforms (ex. Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, mobile apps etc.), where your freshly-baked ad is instantly delivered.

ADCubex is the space between. We build the solution that automatically obtains the information from the source and transforms it into an ad. This in turn, is automatically placed on different ads platforms.

Step 1

Any announcement or news, published on external sources (ex. your site or blog), could be a trigger for launching an advertising campaign. Not to mention, we can also make requests to the source on schedule: every hour, day etc.
The source may or may not contain information of a particular format.
If it does, we extract the information (topics, tags, annotations) and correlate it with the data used within our service (watch step 2).
If it doesn't - because of old-fashioned solutions or badly developed API - we take the information out of the source and format it.

Step 2

Having obtained the information, we pass it through the business rules.These rules are worked out according to the business logic and your marketing strategy. They can relate to the amount of goods in stock, discounts or areas, where the goods are sold. Likewise, to the events.
But if you're afraid your specialists will fail to come up with a list of business rules all by themselves, you shouldn't be. Because, guess what? That's why we have our business architects. These can help you all the way through this process. They'll analyze the market and help to target your ads, so as to hit the bull's eye.

ADCubex is not just "another solution" but a full-fledged service that fits in your business precisely in the way you want it. We do not provide you with a unique product - we're not Apple...yet. What we offer is a unique experience based on our clients' cases.

Step 3

The AD is targeted in a campaign manager, which is our own service.
The campaign manager can build, launch, update, change, suspend or stop the campaigns. Plus, it's where we decide how to scale the ads on the platforms.
Although the platforms usually provide an open API to optimize work within their systems, it's worth remembering that the interface of these systems is highly standardized. Our task, though, is to build our own services so that they - unlike ready-made software - will work just as you need them.

Thus, the function of automatic ads start gets the burden of monotonous labour out of your employees' hair, giving them enough time to understand the audience better, analyze the market thoroughly, and search for new opportunities. You hire a super qualified specialist or even a dream-team packed with talents expecting that they will generate unique ideas for your business to prosper. Then don't make them, instead, do the job the software could more effectively deal with. 'Effectively' implies that it would be clearly faster (one click versus 2 days, remember?) and beyond any doubt cheaper (have you calculated yet, how much the marketing department cost you?). Moreover, if the program is well adjusted, the odds of mistakes because of the human factor are second to none.

So, yes, time is way more valuable than money. It means ideas. We can give you the time to work on them.

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